Silencing Science

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Science has been a major contributor to the health and wealth we enjoy today, but not everyone is happy about it. Science can get in the way of social and environmental activists, politicians, lawyers, and government regulators who have a political agenda they wish to impose. This book is a tongue‐​in‐​cheek “how‐​to” manual for concerned citizens who are annoyed by “pesky” science.

The authors describe more than 20 efforts of individuals and organizations to stop science in its tracks using techniques ranging from defunding scientific research to quashing scientific debate. Their witty descriptions illuminate the mischief that has followed successful and all‐​too‐​real efforts to substitute “junk” science for the real thing.

Topics discussed include fetal tissue research, global warming, CFCs, cloning, silicone breast implants, and the EPA, among others. It’s an amusing look at a pervasive problem.