Oil, Gas, and Government: The U.S. Experience

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More than a decade in the making, this two‐​volume treatise ranks as the definitive history of government intervention in the U.S. oil and gas market. Meticulously detailed, chronologically ordered by industry sector, and drawing on insights from the social sciences, the book is an invaluable reference as well as a perceptive analysis of the political motivations and economic conseqences of regulation. Written in an understandable style and utilizing “the common sense of political economy,” Oil, Gas, and Government is accessible to both the energy specialist and the general reader with an understanding of economic policy.

While the primary focus of this book is government intervention specific to oil and gas, it also offers a summary and analysis of much non specific intervention such as labor market regulation, securities regulation, and the regulation and subsidization of roadways, waterways, railroads, and trucking. Environmental regulation and antitrust law are covered as well. Oil, Gas, and Government is more than a magnum opus on oil and gas, it is “a landmark in regulatory studies.” No one with a professional interest in oil and gas or a general interest in regulation should be without this book.