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ECO-SCAM: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse

Fifteen years ago, we were warned to prepare for the next Ice Age. Today, we worry about our ever‐​shrinking ozone layer and the looming threat of global warming. Ever since the atomic bomb, the public and policymakers have been barraged by predictions of imminent environmental doom — none of which came true, and, Ronald Baily asserts, none of which probably ever will come true.

In this timely, hard hitting book, Bailey explores and explodes the popular myths of global disaster, from “nuclear winter” to the depletion of nonrenewable resources. Who are the “prophets of doom” whose apocalyptic visions keep their lecture calendars full and their audiences in constant anticipation of the world’s end? What effect are they having on the economic and environmentalpolicies that will shape our planet’s future?

Bailey, a PBS producer and former Forbes science writer offers clear and compelling arguments to debunk the popular grim prophecies. In the process, he questions the wisdom of such established environmental gurus as Carl Sagan, Jeremy Rifkin, Paul Ehrlich, and Barry Commoner: Are they activists or alarmists?

A Cato Institute book, published by St. Martin’s Press.