Common Cents, Common Dreams

A Layman’s Guide to Social Security Privatization

About the Book

This book provides a plain‐​language guide to the problems of Social Security and an alternative based on savings and investment. Peter Ferrara and Michael Tanner show how a privatized Social Security system would work and why it would provide a better retirement for future generations of American workers.

About the Authors

Peter J. Ferrara, former associate policy analyst at the Cato Institute, is general counsel and chief economist for Americans for Tax Reform. A leading Social Security scholar, he is the author of Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction and several other books on Social Security. He served in the Reagan administration from 1981 to 1983 and as associate deputy attorney general of the United States in 1992–93. He has also practiced law and taught at George Mason University School of Law. Michael D. Tanner is a senior fellow with the Cato Institute, where he heads research into a variety of domestic policies with a particular emphasis on health care reform, social welfare policy, and Social Security. He is also the author of Leviathan on the Right: How Big‐​Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution.