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Every month, CatoAudio puts you right in the middle of important policy debates in Washington. Each hour-long CD brings you inside the Cato Institute for highlights from its dynamic, one-of-a-kind Policy Forums, speeches, debates, and conferences — with in-depth discussions from well-known political leaders, authors, political experts, pundits, journalists, and other nationally respected scholars.

In addition, each month’s CD includes:

Featured Selection — Expanded, thorough coverage of especially timely issues.
Roundtable — A high-level discussion between Cato experts on a special topic, recorded exclusively for CatoAudio subscribers.

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If you were a CatoAudio subscriber you’d receive — every month — copies of one-of-a-kind presentations such as:

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This Month’s Featured Speakers

  • Introduction
  • Julian Sanchez and Dan Froomkin on recent NSA abuses and avenues of reform
  • Peter Schuck on Why Government Fails So Often
  • Michael Malice on his “autobiography” of Kim Jong Il
  • Sigrid Fry-Revere on Iran’s kidney market
  • Benjamin Friedman on the military intervention in Libya
  • Betty Medsger on J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI

Past CatoAudio Speakers

Walter Williams John Stossel Catherine Crier Milton Friedman Alan Greenspan
Charles Murray Nadine Strossen P. J. O’Rourke Steve Forbes Richard Epstein

Recent CatoAudio Topics

A U.S. Exit Strategy from the Middle East Reducing Tensions in Korea
Terrorism & Liberty Tax Cuts and Stimulating the Economy
Social Security Choice for Women and Minorities The Blame Game and Corporate Governance
The PATRIOT Act and Civil Liberties Foreign Policy after 9/11
The Future of NATO & the UN Election Reform and Voting Fraud
NAFTA: 10 Years Later Myths About Global Warming
Public School Failure Free Speech and the Internet

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