Recent Op-Eds

Currency Wars, the Ruble and Keynes

By Steve H. Hanke. Globe Asia. November 21, 2014.

The specter of currency wars once again haunts the international chattering classes. Remember back in 2011, when Brazilian finance...

Inequality and Envy

By Deepak Lal. Business Standard. November 21, 2014.

No free society can eliminate inequality.

Bad Laws Lead to Bad Executive Orders

By Alex Nowrasteh. US News and World Report Online. November 21, 2014.

Rather than charging directly at Obama’s executive order, Republicans should circle behind him and offer their own reform package.

NSA Reform: Not Dead Yet

By Patrick G. Eddington. The Hill (Online). November 21, 2014.

Far from being over, the fight over NSA surveillance reform is entering a new and critical phase.