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Bad News for Savers

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. November 16, 2015.

Ben Bernanke and the Art of Central Banking

By George Selgin. The Hill. October 9, 2015.

China’s Financial System: the Tension between State and Market

By James A. Dorn. Cayman Financial Review. October 7, 2015.

Cato Studies

Requiem for QE

By Daniel L. Thornton. Policy Analysis No. 783. November 17, 2015.

The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission

By Joshua R. Hendrickson and David Beckworth. Working Paper No. 31. June 23, 2015.

Investment Banks as Corporate Monitors in the Early 20th Century United States

By Carola Frydman and Eric Hilt. Research Briefs in Economic Policy No. 27. June 3, 2015.


The Productivity Gap: Monetary Policy, the Subprime Boom, and the Post-2001 Productivity Surge

George Selgin, David Beckworth, and Berrak Bahadir. Journal of Policy Modeling. Vol. 37. No. 2. March 2015.

On the Political Possibility of Separating Banking and the State

Mark A. Calabria. The Journal of Private Enterprise. Vol. 29. No. 3. Fall 2014.

Monetary Austerity Explains Everything

Steve H. Hanke. OMFIF Bulletin. November 2014.

Public Filings

Credit Crunch: Is the CFPB Restricting Consumer Access to Credit?

By Mark A. Calabria. Testimony. July 24, 2012.

The Future of Capital Formation

By Richard W. Rahn. Testimony. May 10, 2011.

Resolving Non-Bank Financial Institutions

By Jeffrey Miron. Testimony. September 24, 2009.

Cato Reviews & Journals

Warren and Vitter on “Too Big to Fail”

Policy Report. November/December 2015.

Finance and Capital in the 21st Century

Robert C. Jones. Cato Journal. Fall 2015.

Fall 2015

Cato Journal. Fall 2015.


Math Gone Mad: Systemic Dangers of the Federal Reserve’s Stress Tests

Featuring George Selgin and Kevin Dowd. June 4, 2015. Capitol Hill Briefing.

Capital Unbound: The Cato Summit on Financial Regulation

Featuring Mark A. Calabria, Kevin Dowd, George Selgin, & Thaya Brook Knight. June 2, 2015. Conference.

Cato Institute Panel at South by Southwest Interactive: Operation Choke Point and Alternative Currencies

Featuring Mark A. Calabria. March 16, 2015. Special Event.