The U.S.-China trade and investment relationship, with its enormous promise and persistent frictions, may be the most consequential component of Trans‐​Pacific trade. But there are many other important and complicated aspects of trade policy in this region. The United States maintains free trade agreements with South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Peru, Colombia, and Chile, and recently concluded a comprehensive trade and investment agreement with 11 Pacific‐​Rim nations. Although the fate of the Trans‐​Pacific Partnership (TPP), which has not been ratified by the U.S. Congress, is uncertain, the region’s economic and geostrategic importance to U.S. policy objectives is only going to increase in the years ahead.

On this page you will find Cato analyses of the U.S.-China trade relationship, the TPP, WTO and other disputes involving countries in the region, as well and many other issues of trans‐​pacific prominence.