11th Circuit

‘The Constitution Requires Judicial Engagement, Not Judicial Abdication,’ Writes the 11th Circuit, and Then Leads by Example

On Friday, when the 11th Circuit struck down the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare, a trip to the Supreme Court became all but assured. Previously, although Supreme Court review was highly probable even if a circuit split didn’t develop, there was still an outside chance that the Court would deny review if all circuit courts upheld the law. Now, the Court is essentially obliged to take the case. This is reason enough to be happy about the decision.

Obamacare on Appeal

As advocates gear up for the first appellate argument in the ongoing Obamacare lawsuits – Tuesday in Richmond – today marks an important milestone: the filing of two eloquent briefs responding to the government’s appeal of Judge Roger Vinson’s January ruling that found the individual mandate unconstitutional and non-severable, thereby striking the entire legislation. 

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