The Troubled Currencies Project: Currency Watch List

A Joint Cato Institute - Johns Hopkins Project
Directed by
Prof. Steve H. Hanke
Senior Fellow, The Cato Institute
Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University

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Early in 2013, The Johns Hopkins University and The Cato Institute established a Troubled Currencies Project. It is directed by Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University and Senior Fellow at The Cato Institute.

As part of the Troubled Currencies Project we developed a currencies watch list. This watch list includes all of the currencies that we are monitoring. It contains those that we deem to be truly troubled. These are segregated into a separate category and are designated "Troubled Currencies." With this designation, a currency is subject to much more scrutiny than the other currencies on the watch list.

To determine which currencies are placed on the watch list, we employ fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and behavioral simulations.

Volatility against the dollar is used to rank the currencies once they are placed on the watch list. We deem currencies with higher volatility to be more troubled than those with lower volatility.

Our initial watch list covers the January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013 period. The watch list will be updated bi-annually.

If you wish to cite the data contained on this page, please use the following citation:
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