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The Fiscal and Economic Implications of Mandatory Pension Savings

By Daniel J. Mitchell. Cayman Financial Review. January 30, 2015.

Jettison Those Musty Jobless Benefit and Union Rules

By Chris Edwards. Washington Post. July 17, 2011.

Could the U.S. Become Argentina?

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. April 21, 2010.

Cato Studies

Retirement Finance Reform Issues Facing the European Union

By William G. Shipman. Social Security Choice Paper No. 28. January 2, 2003.

Chile’s Private Pension System at 18: Its Current State and Future Challenges

By L. Jacobo Rodríguez. Social Security Choice Paper No. 17. July 30, 1999.


Empowering Workers: The Privatization of Social Security in Chile

Cato's Letters. José Piñera. No. 10. Spring 1996.

Public Filings

Social Security Testimony

By Ian Vásquez. Testimony. June 16, 2005.

Strengthening Social Security: Can We Learn from Other Nations? Social Security Reform in Chile

By L. Jacobo Rodríguez. Testimony. May 18, 2004.

Empowering People: The Privatization of Social Security in Chile

By José Piñera. Testimony. September 18, 1997.

Cato Reviews & Journals

The Success of Chile’s Privatized Social Security

José Piñera. Policy Report. July/August 1995.


Social Security Reform: Where Do We Go from Here?

Featuring . November 29, 2005. City Seminar.

Social Security and the Future of Limited Government

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The Great Debate: Should Social Security Be Reformed?

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