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True Islam Does Not Kill Blasphemers

By Mustafa Akyol. The New York Times. November 21, 2018.

Keeping Big Brother at Bay: Cruz vs. O’Rourke

By Patrick G. Eddington. TribTalk. October 18, 2018.

Gay Marriage Is Here to Stay, Even with a Conservative Court

By Walter Olson. The Wall Street Journal. July 9, 2018.

Cato Studies

U.S. Citizens Targeted by ICE: U.S. Citizens Targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas

By David Bier. Immigration Research and Policy Brief No. 8. August 29, 2018.

The Nordic Glass Ceiling

By Nima Sanandaji. Policy Analysis No. 835. March 8, 2018.

Stingray: A New Frontier in Police Surveillance

By Adam Bates. Policy Analysis No. 809. January 25, 2017.


Lessons from Europe on Free Speech

Cato's Letter. Jacob Mchangama. Vol. 16. No. 3. Summer 2018.

Federal Appeals Court Should Reject Total Immunity for Prosecutors

Jay Schweikert. New York Law Journal. April 25, 2018.

Can a Surfeit of Statutes “Accommodate” Religious Liberty?

Roger Pilon. Deep Commitments: The Past., Present., and Future of Religious Liberty. 2017.

Public Filings

Klein v. Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries

By Ilya Shapiro and Patrick Moran. Legal Briefs. November 26, 2018.

Delano Farms Co. v. California Table Grapes Commission

By Bradley A. Benbrook, Stephen M. Duvernay, Ilya Shapiro, & Trevor Burrus. Legal Briefs. October 10, 2018.

Civil Rights and Mass Incarceration in Arkansas

By Jonathan Blanks. Testimony. October 9, 2018.

Cato Reviews & Journals


The New Gulag Archipelago: How China “Reeducates” the Uyghurs and Why the World Should Be Alarmed

Featuring Nury Turkel, Sophie Richardson, Sigal Samuel, & Mustafa Akyol. November 28, 2018. Policy Forum.

The Indian Child Welfare Act at 40

Featuring Timothy Sandefur, Matthew D. McGill, and Charles Rothfeld. September 20, 2018. Policy Forum.

Can Free Speech Be Progressive?

Featuring John Samples, Louis Michael Seidman, Robert Bauer, & Ronald Collins. September 11, 2018. Policy Forum.


Academic Freedom and Free Speech

By Roger Pilon. March 16, 2016.