Perilous Partners: The Benefits and Pitfalls of America’s Alliances with Authoritarian Regimes

September 2015

American leaders have cooperated with regimes around the world that are, to varying degrees, repressive or corrupt. Such cooperation is said to serve the national interest. But these partnerships also contravene the nation’s commitments to democratic governance, civil liberties, and free markets. In Perilous Partners, authors Ted Galen Carpenter and Malou Innocent provide a strategy for resolving the ethical dilemmas between interests and values faced by Washington.

Exiting Iraq: Why the U.S. Must End the Military Occupation and Renew the War against Al Qaeda

June 2004

When you order this book at its newly discounted price, we will include a free copy of Cato’s newly published report — The Case for Withdrawal: The Costs and Benefits of Leaving Iraq (March 2007). Written by Ted Galen Carpenter, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, the paper is a concise analysis of the consequences the U.S. faces for both leaving and remaining in Iraq.