Energy Subsidies

By Chris Edwards. December 2016.

Privatizing Amtrak

By Chris Edwards. October 2016.

Agricultural Subsidies

By Chris Edwards. October 2016.

Food Subsidies

By Chris Edwards. May 2016.

Privatizing the U.S. Postal Service

By Chris Edwards. April 2016.

Overpaid Federal Workers

By Chris Edwards. October 2015.

Government Cost Overruns

By Chris Edwards. September 2015.

Supplemental Security Income: A Costly and Troubled Welfare Program

By Tad DeHaven. August 2013.

The Rising Cost of Social Security Disability Insurance

By Tad DeHaven. August 2013.

Infrastructure Investment

By Chris Edwards. August 2013.

Reforming Social Security Retirement

By Chris Edwards and Michael D. Tanner. August 2013.

Fiscal Federalism

By Chris Edwards. June 2013.

Cutting the Army Corps of Engineers

By Chris Edwards. March 2012.

Indian Lands, Indian Subsidies, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs

By Chris Edwards. February 2012.

Terminating the Small Business Administration

By Tad DeHaven. August 2011.

Employment and Training Programs: Ineffective and Unneeded

By Chris Edwards and Daniel Murphy. June 2011.

Head Start and Other Subsidies

By Tad DeHaven. September 2010.

Fraud and Abuse in Federal Programs

By Chris Edwards and Tad DeHaven. August 2009.

Community Development

By Tad DeHaven. June 2009.

HUD Scandals

By Tad DeHaven. June 2009.

Special-Interest Spending

By Chris Edwards. April 2009.