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What Constitutes “Discrimination” in College Admissions?

Universities regularly accept applicants for reasons besides academic merit, so why do diversity efforts draw special criticism?


The Climate‐​Change Doomsday Trap

Given human nature, claims of a looming Armageddon are likely to move humanity closer to an environmental tipping point.


Recalibrating Local Politics to Increase the Supply of Housing

State planning mandates and development‐​rights auctions can bolster pro‐​housing factions in local government.

Briefly Noted



De‐​Sludging California’s Prop 65

The carcinogen disclosure requirement has not been shown to provide benefits that justify its high cost.

Redefining “Waters of the United States”

Can the Trump administration constrain wetland regulation?

Five Questions for 3,508 Economists

The signatories of the recent “Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends” must address some important issues.

Health & Medicine

Properly Valuing Gene Replacement Therapy

The revolutionary drugs are expensive, but they offer cures to difficult and costly lifetime conditions.

In Memorium

An Intellectual Odyssey Cut Short

Robert H. Nelson, 1944–2018

In Memoriam

The Empirical Revolutionary

Alan Krueger, 1960–2019

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