From the Cover

Health and Medicine

Speak not of Error

Does legal fear increase the risk of medical error?

Telecommunications and Technology

Architectural Censorship and the FCC

Efforts to regulate the media threaten quantity, quality, and diversity.


Terrorism Insurance 2005

Where do we go from here?

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and Economic Development

U.S.-style corporate governance may be a poor fit for the developing world.



Accountability and Private Governments

Do homeowners associations lower property values?

Natural Resources

A Tale of Two Claims

Actors’ strategic anticipation of policy change has led to overstatement of the benefits of ITQs.

Telecommunications and Technology

Against ISP Liability

Do ISPs have a duty to protect the world?

Corporate Governance

Wall Street in the Third World?

Corporate ownership may be a more important issue in developing countries than corporate governance.

Briefly Noted

The Final Word