From the Cover

Commerce & Trade

Peter Navarro’s Conversion

The professor has changed and wobbled, but his current protectionist arguments are embraced by the White House and segments of the public.

Public Lands

The Land of Many Opportunity Costs

Constituent‐​group politics continue to dampen the public benefit from the federal estate.

Regulatory Reform

Be a Shame If Anything Happened to Your Merger…

“Regulatory leveraging” can be a useful tool or it can be an abuse of power


Calm Down about Common Ownership

The evidence of anticompetitive harm from institutional investing is weak and the proposed policy solutions would be more harmful than the supposed problem.



The Regressive Effects of Child‐​Care Regulations

More strenuous requirements raise child‐​care prices but have little apparent effect on quality.

Securities & Exchange

Corporate Governance Oversight and Proxy Advisory Firms

Do proxy advisors have too much power? 

Final Word