Cato Supreme Court Review: 2001-2002

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Supreme Court Review

1. Foreword (16 pp, 166 kb)

2. Introduction (4 pp, 69 kb)

3. Property Rights

        The Ebbs and Flows in Takings Law: Reflections on the Lake Tahoe Case (26 pp, 243 kb)

4. Federalism

        When State Dignity Trumps Individual Rights (26 pp, 251 kb)

5. The First Amendment

Registering Publius: The Supreme Court and the Right to Anonymity (28 pp, 296 kb)
Judicial Elections and the First Amendment: Freeing Political Speech (30 pp, 340 kb)
Cyberspace Cases Force Court to Reexamine Basic Assumptions of Obscenity and Child Pornography Jurisprudence (34 pp, 319 kb)

6. Education

School Choice: Sunshine Replaces the Cloud (22 pp, 212 kb)

7. Criminal Law

An Eerie Efficiency (16 pp, 209 kb)
Redefining a "Crime" as a Sentencing Factor to Circumvent the Right to Jury Trial: Harris v. United States (40 pp, 408 kb)

8. The Drug War

Tenants, Students, and Drugs: A Comment on the War on the Rule of Law (26 pp, 250 kb)

12. Coming Up

October Term 2002 (10 pp, 126 kb)

Contents of Cato Cato Supreme Court Review: 2001-2002