Working papers are works in progress that are circulated to solicit comments and suggestions.

The New “Supercommittee”: An “Optimistic” View

By Jared Lobdell, Ph.D.. Working Paper No. 7. November 16, 2011.

Social Security’s Financial Outlook and Reforms: An Independent Evaluation

By Jagadeesh Gokhale. Working Paper No. 6. October 25, 2011.

Putting Politics above Markets: Historical Background to the Greek Debt Crisis

By Takis Michas. Working Paper No. 5. August 15, 2011.

Estimating ObamaCare’s Effect on State Medicaid Expenditure Growth

By Jagadeesh Gokhale. Working Paper No. 4. January 11, 2011.

Reforming Medical Malpractice Liability through Contract

By Michael F. Cannon. Working Paper No. 3. November 12, 2010.

Has the Fed Been a Failure?

By George Selgin, William D. Lastrapes, and Lawrence H. White. Working Paper No. 2. November 9, 2010.

Do Vouchers and Tax Credits Increase Private School Regulation?

By Andrew J. Coulson. Working Paper No. 1. October 5, 2010.

Questioning the ‘Chicago Miracle’

By Andrew J. Coulson. Working Paper. July 15, 2009.