Working papers are works in progress that are circulated to solicit comments and suggestions.

Do Immigrants Import Terrorism?

By Andrew C. Forrester, Benjamin Powell, Alex Nowrasteh, & Michelangelo Landgrave. Working Paper No. 56. July 31, 2019.

Singapore’s Immigration System: Past, Present, and Future

By Alex Nowrasteh. Working Paper No. 53. October 23, 2018.

Do Immigration Enforcement Programs Reduce Crime? Evidence from the 287(g) Program in North Carolina

By Andrew C. Forrester and Alex Nowrasteh. Working Paper No. 52. April 11, 2018.

How Mass Immigration Affects Countries with Weak Economic Institutions: A Natural Experiment in Jordan

By Alex Nowrasteh, Andrew C. Forrester, and Cole Blondin. Working Paper No. 51. March 20, 2018.

FLOORED! How a Misguided Fed Experiment Deepened and Prolonged the Great Recession

By George Selgin. Working Paper No. 50. March 1, 2018.

A New Estimate of the Cost of Reversing DACA

By Logan Albright, Ike Brannon, and M. Kevin McGee. Working Paper No. 49. February 15, 2018.

Restoring the Rule of Law in Financial Regulation

By Charles Calomiris. Working Paper No. 48. September 13, 2017.

Monetary Policy in an Uncertain World: The Case for Rules

By James A. Dorn. Working Paper No. 47. August 16, 2017.

Renegotiating NAFTA in the Era of Trump: Keeping the Trade Liberalization In and the Protectionism Out

By Simon Lester, Inu Manak, and Daniel J. Ikenson. Working Paper No. 46. August 14, 2017.

A Review of the Regional Green Gas Initiative

By David T. Stevenson. Working Paper No. 45. August 10, 2017.

The Deep Roots of Economic Development in the U.S. States

By Ryan Murphy and Alex Nowrasteh. Working Paper No. 44. May 19, 2017.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy and the Myth of Retrenchment

By John Glaser and A. Trevor Thrall. Working Paper No. 43. April 24, 2017.

Monetarism with Chinese Characteristics

By James A. Dorn. Working Paper No. 42. February 14, 2017.

Does Mass Immigration Destroy Institutions? 1990s Israel as a Natural Experiment

By Benjamin Powell, J. R. Clark, and Alex Nowrasteh. Working Paper No. 41. January 12, 2017.

Should Free Traders Support the Trans- Pacific Partnership? An Assessment of America’s Largest Preferential Trade Agreement

By Daniel J. Ikenson, Simon Lester, Scott Lincicome, Daniel R. Pearson, & K. William Watson. Working Paper No. 39. September 12, 2016.

The Genesis and Evolution of China’s Economic Liberalization

By James A. Dorn. Working Paper No. 38. August 22, 2016.

U.S. Immigration Levels, Urban Housing Values, and Their Implications for Capital Share

By Ryan Murphy and Alex Nowrasteh. Working Paper No. 37. August 9, 2016.

To Confront the Assassin’s Veto, or to Ratify It?

By Robert Corn-Revere. Working Paper No. 36. January 5, 2016.

Climate Models and Climate Reality: A Closer Look at a Lukewarming World

By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger. Working Paper No. 35. December 15, 2015.

China’s Challenge: Expanding the Market, Limiting the State

By James A. Dorn. Working Paper No. 34. December 3, 2015.

The Case against a Carbon Tax

By Robert P. Murphy, Patrick J. Michaels, and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger. Working Paper No. 33. September 4, 2015.

On the Desirability of Nominal GDP Targeting

By Julio Garín, Robert Lester, and Eric Sims. Working Paper No. 32. August 12, 2015.

The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission

By Joshua R. Hendrickson and David Beckworth. Working Paper No. 31. June 23, 2015.

International Developments in the Insurance Sector: The Road to Financial Instability?

By Therese M. Vaughan and Mark A. Calabria. Working Paper No. 30. May 27, 2015.

Is the Government Buying Science or Support? A Framework Analysis of Federal Funding-induced Biases

By David E. Wojick and Patrick J. Michaels. Working Paper No. 29. April 30, 2015.