Building Leverage in the Long War: Ensuring Intelligence Community Creativity in the Fight against Terrorism

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Policing Pirates in the Networked Age

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Restraining State Attorneys General, Curbing Government Lawsuit Abuse

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Pakistan in America’s War against Terrorism: Strategic Ally or Unreliable Client?

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Welfare Reform That Works: Explaining the Welfare Caseload Decline, 1996-2000

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Responding to the Threat of Smallpox Bioterrorism: An Ounce of Prevention Is Best Approach

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Arbitration under Assault: Trial Lawyers Lead the Charge

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FDIC Reform: Don’t Put Taxpayers Back at Risk

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International Tax Competition: A 21st-Century Restraint on Government

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Fighting the War against Terrorism: Elite Forces, Yes; Conscripts, No

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Old Folly in a New Disguise: Nation Building to Combat Terrorism

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Befriending Saudi Princes: A High Price for a Dubious Alliance

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Should the United States “Weaponize” Space? Military and Commercial Implications

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The Effect of Campaign Finance Laws on Electoral Competition: Evidence from the States

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A Plan to Liquidate Amtrak

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Time to Overhaul Federal Energy R&D

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Are Our Troops Ready for Biological and Chemical Attacks?

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The Digital Dirty Dozen: The Most Destructive High-Tech Legislative Measures of the 107th Congress

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Evaluating the Case for Renewable Energy: Is Government Support Warranted?

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