Reforming a Defense Industry Rife with Socialism, Industrial Policy, and Excessive Regulation

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Limiting Government through Direct Democracy: The Case of State Tax and Expenditure Limitations

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Help Passenger Rail by Privatizing Amtrak

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Report from Havana: Time for a Reality Check on U.S. Policy toward Cuba

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Election Reform, Federalism, and the Obligations of Voters

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Simplifying Federal Taxes: The Advantages of Consumption-Based Taxation

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The Corporate Welfare Budget: Bigger Than Ever

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The Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit: Giving Parents Choices, Saving Taxpayers Money

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Assessing the Term Limits Experiment: California and Beyond

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How FDA Regulation and Injury Litigation: Cripple the Medical Device Industry

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Medical Savings Accounts: Progress and Problems under HIPAA

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Broadband Deployment and the Digital Divide: A Primer

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Economic Security: A National Security Folly?

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Why Canning “Spam” Is a Bad Idea

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More Government for All: How Taxpayers Subsidize Anti-Tax Cut Advocacy

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California’s Electricity Crisis: What’s Going On, Who’s to Blame, and What to Do

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The Antitrust Terrible 10: Why the Most Reviled “Anti-competitive” Business Practices Can Benefit Consumers in the New Economy

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The Birth of the Property Rights Movement

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The Case against Capital Controls: Financial Flows, Crises, and the Flip Side of the Free-Trade Argument

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Why Policymakers Should Ignore Public Opinion Polls

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Needless Entanglements: Washington’s Expanding Security Ties in Southeast Asia

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Pistol Whipped: Baseless Lawsuits, Foolish Laws

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Reducing a Common Danger: Improving Russia’s Early-Warning System

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Fiscal Analysis of a $500 Federal Education Tax Credit to Help Millions, Save Billions

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Waist Deep in the Balkans and Sinking: Washington Confronts the Crisis in Macedonia

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