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How and Why to Privatize Federal Lands

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Milking the Sacred Cow: A Case for Eliminating the Federal Dairy Program

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The Rise of Worker Capitalism

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Faulty Justifications and Ominous Prospects: NATO’s “Victory” in Kosovo

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Energy Efficiency: No Silver Bullet for Global Warming

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Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention: Illusory Benefits and Nasty Side Effects

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The Community Reinvestment Act: Looking for Discrimination That Isn’t There

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Grave Robbers: The Moral Case against the Death Tax

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Microsoft Redux: Anatomy of a Baseless Lawsuit

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Fixing What Ain’t Broke: The Renewed Call for Conscription

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Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers: The Hidden Costs of Spending on Defense and Foreign Aid

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Gambling America: Balancing the Risks of Gambling and Its Regulation

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Replacing Potemkin Capitalism: Russia’s Need for a Free-Market Financial System

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Restoring the Boundary: Tort Law and the Right to Contract

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Speed Doesn’t Kill: The Repeal of the 55-MPH Speed Limit

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Blunder in the Balkans: The Clinton Administration’s Bungled War against Serbia

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Old Wine in New Bottles: The Pentagon’s East Asia Security Strategy Report

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The State Spending Spree of the 1990s

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The Increasing Sustainability of Conventional Energy

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In Praise and Criticism of Mexico’s Pension Reform

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