Crime, Police, and Root Causes

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Federal Ecosystem Management: A “Train Wreck” in the Making

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Kids, Guns, and the Commerce Clause: Is the Court Ready for Constitutional Government?

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The World Bank’s Finances: An International S&L Crisis

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Draft Registration: The Politics of Institutional Immortality

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Taming Leviathan: Are Tax and Spending Limits the Answer?

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Ending Welfare as We Know It

By Michael D. Tanner. Policy Analysis No. 212. July 7, 1994.

Why Health Care Costs Too Much

By Stan Liebowitz. Policy Analysis No. 211. June 23, 1994.

Nickles-Stearns Is Not the Market Choice for Health Care Reform

By Tom Miller. Policy Analysis No. 210. June 13, 1994.

The Futility of U.S. Intervention in Regional Conflicts

By Barbara Conry. Policy Analysis No. 209. May 19, 1994.

Prison Blues: How America’s Foolish Sentencing Policies Endanger Public Safety

By David B. Kopel. Policy Analysis No. 208. May 17, 1994.

70 Years of Federal Government Health Care: A Timely Look at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

By Robert E. Bauman. Policy Analysis No. 207. April 27, 1994.

The Pentagon’s Fraudulent Bottom-Up Review

By David Isenberg. Policy Analysis No. 206. April 21, 1994.

The Somali Crisis: Time for an African Solution

By George B. N. Ayittey. Policy Analysis No. 205. March 28, 1994.

Instrastate Trucking: Stronghold of the Regulators

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A Fiscal Policy Report Card on America Governors: 1994

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Wasting Resources to Reduce Waste: Recycling in New Jersey

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Washington’s Dubious Crusade for Hemispheric Democracy

By Ian Vásquez. Policy Analysis No. 201. January 12, 1994.