Public Schools: Make Them Private

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Temporizing on Term Limits: The Speaker Likes 12 Years, Not 6

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An Antidote to Federal Red Ink: Term Limits

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Missouri’s Hancock II Amendment: The Case for Real Reform

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Patient Power: The Cato Institute’s Plan for Health Care Reform

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Are Quality Circles Illegal? Global Competition Meets the New Deal

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The Davis-Bacon Act: Let’s Bring Jim Crow to an End

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Super Boondoggle: Time to Pull the Plug on the Superconducting Super Collider

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A Consumer Guide to Taxes: How Much Do You Really Pay in Taxes?

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Why Political Scientists Oppose Term Limits

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Our Next Criminal Class: Milk Bootleggers

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Secretary Kemp and the Housing Policy Shell Game

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Ending the Free Airplane Rides of Infants: A Myopic Method of Saving Lives

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Market Squabbles: SEC v. CFTC

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