Doublespeak and the War on Terrorism

By Tim Lynch. Briefing Paper No. 98. September 6, 2006.

No Miracle in Massachusetts: Why Governor Romney’s Health Care Reform Won’t Work

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Free Speech and the 527 Prohibition

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Dispelling the Myths: The Truth about TABOR and Referendum C

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The Security Pretext: An Examination of the Growth of Federal Police Agencies

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Keep the Cap: Why a Tax Increase Will Not Save Social Security

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A Better Deal at Half the Cost: SSA Scoring of the Cato Social Security Reform Plan

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Medicare Prescription Drugs: Medical Necessity Meets Fiscal Insanity

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Hydrogen’s Empty Environmental Promise

By Donald Anthrop. Briefing Paper No. 90. December 7, 2004.

Caught Stealing: Debunking the Economic Case for D.C. Baseball

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Show Me the Money! Dividend Payouts after the Bush Tax Cut

By Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen. Briefing Paper No. 88. October 12, 2004.

The Republican Spending Explosion

By Veronique de Rugy. Briefing Paper No. 87. March 3, 2004.

School Choice in the District of Columbia: Saving Taxpayers Money, Increasing Opportunities for Children

By Casey J. Lartigue Jr.. Briefing Paper No. 86. September 19, 2003.

Smallpox and Bioterrorism: Why the Plan to Protect the Nation Is Stalled and What to Do

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The Benefits of Campaign Spending

By John J. Coleman. Briefing Paper No. 84. September 4, 2003.

Proposition 13 and State Budget Limitations: Past Successes and Future Options

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Failing by a Wide Margin: Methods and Findings in the 2003 Social Security Trustees Report

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Lessons from Florida: School Choice Gives Increased Opportunities to Children with Special Needs

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States Face Fiscal Crunch after 1990s Spending Surge

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Is America Exporting Misguided Telecommunications Policy? The U.S.-Japan Telecom Trade Negotiations and Beyond

By Motohiro Tsuchiya and Adam D. Thierer. Briefing Paper No. 79. January 7, 2003.

This Is Reform? Predicting the Impact of the New Campaign Financing Regulations

By Patrick Basham. Briefing Paper No. 78. November 20, 2002.

Corporate Accounting: Congress and FASB Ignore Business

By T.J. Rodgers. Briefing Paper No. 77. October 25, 2002.

Fat Cats and Thin Kittens: Are People Who Make Large Campaign Contributions Different?

By John McAdams and John C. Green. Briefing Paper No. 76. September 25, 2002.

10 Reasons to Oppose Virginia Sales Tax Increases

By Chris Edwards and Peter J. Ferrara. Briefing Paper No. 75. September 18, 2002.

Personal Accounts in a Down Market: How Recent Stock Market Declines Affect the Social Security Reform Debate

By Andrew G. Biggs. Briefing Paper No. 74. September 10, 2002.