Lessons of Election 2000

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Proffer of Dr. William A. Niskanen

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Microsoft’s Appealing Case

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Are We Prepared for Terrorism Using Weapons of Mass Destruction? Government’s Half Measures

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A Policy toward Cuba That Serves U.S. Interests

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The Great Game, Round 2: Washington’s Misguided Support for the Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

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More Than Grades: How Choice Boosts Parental Involvement and Benefits Children

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A Hollow Debate on Military Readiness

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Social Security: Is It “A Crisis that Doesn’t Exist”?

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A Foreign Policy Report Card on the Clinton-Gore Administration

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Constitutional Problems with Enforcing the Biological Weapons Convention

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India as a World Power: Changing Washington’s Myopic Policy

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The Medicare Drug War Escalates: Bush Opens Up a New Front — Comprehensive Reform

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From the Sea: National Missile Defense Is Neither Cheap Nor Easy

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Why Silicon Valley Should Not Normalize Relations With Washington, D.C.

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Microsoft’s “Applications Barrier to Entry:” The Missing 70,000 Programs

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Open Access Private Interests and the Emerging Broadband Market

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Four Years of Welfare Reform: A Progress Report

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Korean Détente: A Threat to Washington’s Anachronistic Military Presence?

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Facilitating Fraud: How SSDI Gives Benefits to the Able Bodied

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Arms Control and Missile Defense: Not Mutually Exclusive

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Will the Net Turn Car Dealers into Dinosaurs? State Limits on Auto Sales Online

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