Roadblocks and Emerging Practices

By Richard W. Rahn. Testimony. September 19, 2000.

The Presidency and the Privacy Act

By Roger Pilon. Testimony. September 8, 2000.

Testimony on the Census

By Edward L. Hudgins. Testimony. July 20, 2000.

The Effect of Federal Regulations on Gasoline Prices in the Milwaukee/Chicago Area

By Jerry Taylor. Testimony. July 7, 2000.

Questions for the Proposed Privacy Commission

By Solveig Singleton. Testimony. May 16, 2000.

The Presidential System and Campaign Reform

By Roger Pilon. Testimony. March 29, 2000.

The Line Item Veto

By Stephen Moore. Testimony. March 23, 2000.

Some Reflections on Monetary Institutions and Exchange-Rate Regimes

By Steve H. Hanke. Testimony. January 3, 2000.