Kyoto Protocol: “A useless appendage to an irrelevant treaty”

By Patrick J. Michaels. Testimony. July 29, 1998.

America’s Misunderstood Trade Deficit

By Daniel Griswold. Testimony. July 22, 1998.

Only Japan Can Solve Japan’s Problems

By Brink Lindsey. Testimony. July 15, 1998.

Social Security: Where’s the Real Risk?

By Michael D. Tanner. Testimony. June 30, 1998.

Civil Service Reform

By Patrick Korten. Testimony. June 24, 1998.

The Causes and Consequences of the U.S. Trade Deficit

By Daniel Griswold. Testimony. June 11, 1998.

Internet Gambling: Prohibition v. Legalization

By Tom W. Bell. Testimony. May 21, 1998.

The IMF and U.S. International Policy

By William A. Niskanen. Testimony. May 5, 1998.

A Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Rights of Crime Victims

By Roger Pilon. Testimony. April 28, 1998.

The International Monetary Fund

By Ian Vásquez. Testimony. April 21, 1998.

The Line Item Veto: One Year After

By Stephen Moore. Testimony. March 11, 1998.

Child Care

By Darcy Ann Olsen. Testimony. February 23, 1998.

Tax Cuts in 1998

By Stephen Moore. Testimony. February 4, 1998.