The Seinfeld Hearings

By Randy E. Barnett. The Wall Street Journal. July 13, 2009.

More Friends, More War

By Doug Bandow. National Interest (Online). July 13, 2009.

U.S., State Officials Need to Stop Micromanaging Care

By Shirley Svorny. Daily News of Los Angeles. July 11, 2009.

Obama’s Tax Flip-Flop on Health Benefits

By Michael D. Tanner. Investor’s Business Daily. July 10, 2009.

Hate Crime Legislation Would Backfire

By David Rittgers. Christian Science Monitor. July 10, 2009.

Are Americans Ready for a Post-racial Society?

By Nat Hentoff. Metro West Daily News. July 10, 2009.

‘Staying the Course’ Prolongs Afghan War

By Malou Innocent. South China Morning Post. July 10, 2009.

A Second Stimulus Package? Yikes!

By Alan Reynolds. Forbes. July 10, 2009.

The Case for Doing Nothing

By Jeffrey Miron. Reason. July 9, 2009.

It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’

By Juan Carlos Hidalgo. Forbes. July 9, 2009.

Going ‘All In’ with North Korea

By Ted Galen Carpenter. National Interest (Online). July 9, 2009.

China’s Dollar Delusion

By Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar and Arvind Subramanian. Guardian. July 8, 2009.

The Expanding Fed Role

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. July 8, 2009.

Iran’s Failed Revolution

By Doug Bandow. National Interest (Online). July 7, 2009.

Sarah’s Swan Song

By Gene Healy. DC Examiner. July 6, 2009.

Plan Undercuts Competition

By Michael D. Tanner. USA Today. July 6, 2009.

GOP Needs Fewer Puritans, More Small-Government Conservatives

By David Boaz. Richmond Times-Dispatch. July 5, 2009.

Obama Doesn’t Have the Only Prescription for Healthcare Reform

By Michael D. Tanner. Los Angeles Times. July 5, 2009.

No One Feels Safe in Zimbabwe

By Nat Hentoff. Zanesville Times Recorder. July 3, 2009.

Democratic Health Care vs. Democracy

By Will Wilkinson. The Week. July 3, 2009.

More Tax Oppression

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. July 2, 2009.

Fuel Standards Are Killing GM

By Alan Reynolds. The Wall Street Journal. July 2, 2009.

The China Card

By Doug Bandow. National Interest (Online). July 1, 2009.

The Dangers of a “Public Plan”

By Michael D. Tanner. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. July 1, 2009.

A Rare Influence in the Lives of Others

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. July 1, 2009.