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By Richard W. Rahn. The Wall Street Journal. January 17, 2008.

No Sunshine for Bush in Mideast

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Smart Bombs, Dangerous Ideas

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NIE Report Keeps Spreading Its Influence

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The Fed Can’t Do It Alone

By John O. Whitney. January 14, 2008.

In Liberty’s Two Arms

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Democrats Create Pessimism About Trade Prospects

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Another Demand for ID Poses Danger to Free Society

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That Two-for-One Deal? Hmm…

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Why Not a North American Union?

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Fool Me Once… North Korea Does it Again

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A Game of Chicken in the Persian Gulf

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Unhappy Birthday

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Mama Don’t Teach

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A Loss in November Might Be Good for GOP, If McCain Is the Nominee

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California Needs a Spending Limit

By Robert Krol. Orange County Register. January 7, 2008.

Shakeup in Iowa Changes the Outlook for Both Parties

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Beyond the Bombast

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Why I Am Not Using the R-word This Time

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