The Public Won’t Pay for Global Warming Legislation

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. Tampa Tribune. January 31, 2007.

It’s Not the Yen, It’s the Mileage

By Daniel Griswold. Los Angeles Times. January 30, 2007.

Found in China, Bust of Adam Smith

By James A. Dorn. Times of India. January 29, 2007.

The Myth of an al Qaeda Takeover of Iraq

By Ted Galen Carpenter. January 28, 2007.

On the Fall of the Rupiah and Suharto

By Steve H. Hanke. Globe Asia. January 27, 2007.

Ethanol Makes Gasoline Costlier, Dirtier

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. Chicago Sun-Times. January 27, 2007.

No More Funding Fads, Give Power to the Parents

By Adam B. Schaeffer. National Review (Online). January 26, 2007.

Dismal, Dreary Democrats

By Alan Reynolds. January 25, 2007.

Astray in Greenland

By Patrick J. Michaels. Washington Times. January 24, 2007.

A Minimum Wage Hike Is the Wrong Direction for America

By James A. Dorn. January 24, 2007.

A New Prescription for Health Care

By Michael F. Cannon. New York Post. January 23, 2007.

Rethinking the Company We Keep

By Arnold Kling. January 22, 2007.

Schwarzenegger’s Health-Care Shakedown

By Michael F. Cannon. National Review (Online). January 22, 2007.

A Reality Check on Earmark Reform

By Stephen Slivinski. Business Week. January 22, 2007.

More Pronouncements From America’s Throne

By Gene Healy. Houston Chronicle. January 21, 2007.

More Troops Are Not the Answer

By Gordon Adams and Christopher A. Preble. Chicago Sun-Times. January 20, 2007.

What’s So Bad About a Warm Winter?

By Patrick J. Michaels. American Spectator (Online). January 19, 2007.

The Big Three

By Arnold Kling. January 18, 2007.

Big Market, Small Government

By James A. Dorn. South China Morning Post. January 18, 2007.

Looking High and Low for Taxes

By Alan Reynolds. January 18, 2007.

Oil Subsidies in the Dock

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. National Review (Online). January 17, 2007.

Real Tax Cuts for Real Investments

By Chris Edwards. New York Post. January 15, 2007.

Democrats’ Middle-Class Payoff

By Neal McCluskey. Human Events. January 11, 2007.

Schwarzenegger Gets it Wrong on Universal Coverage

By Michael D. Tanner. San Francisco Chronicle. January 11, 2007.

Going Totally Berserk Over Totalization

By Michael D. Tanner. January 10, 2007.