Let the Money Follow the Student

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Russia’s Disproportionate Response to Borat

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Voting with Our Dollars to Expand Global Trade

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Weaker U.S. Dollar Not So Bad

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Consumption Versus Income

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International Energy Blather

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Nostalgic About 1974?

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Conflicting Views Create Hardship for U.S. Schools

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Counting by Race

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The Gore Who Stole Christmas

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‘New’ Congress simply More of the Same

By James A. Dorn. Australian Financial Review. December 14, 2006.

The Top 1%…of What?

By Alan Reynolds. The Wall Street Journal. December 14, 2006.

Toasting China

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Examining the Libertarian Vote in Depth

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Losing It

By Patrick J. Michaels. American Spectator. December 11, 2006.

Went to War? Good President! Kept the Peace? Not so Hot

By Gene Healy. Chicago Sun-Times. December 10, 2006.

Medicaid a Low-Wage Trap

By Michael F. Cannon. Albuquerque Journal. December 8, 2006.

Data Mining Can’t Improve Our Security

By Jim Harper. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Online). December 7, 2006.

Progress or Surrender?

By Jagadeesh Gokhale. American Spectator. December 7, 2006.

Smoking Bans Are Dangerous to a Free Society’s Health

By Thomas A. Firey. The Baltimore Sun. December 6, 2006.

The Nation Needs More than a Minor Course Correction on Iraq

By Christopher A. Preble. Cato.org. December 6, 2006.

Baker-Hamilton Can’t Save Us

By Justin Logan. McClatchy News Service. December 4, 2006.


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Populist Pap

By Alan Reynolds. Washington Times. December 3, 2006.