Pay (Through the Nose) As You Go

By Jagadeesh Gokhale and Kent Smetters. The Wall Street Journal. October 18, 2004.

First Amendment on Sinclair’s Side

By John Samples. Fox News (Online). October 16, 2004.

Bush, Kerry Ignore What’s Ailing Health Care: Red Tape

By Michael F. Cannon. Chicago Sun-Times. October 16, 2004.

Surveillance and the War on Terrorism

By Jim Harper. San Francisco Chronicle. October 15, 2004.

Social Security, Medicare Divide

By Jagadeesh Gokhale. Washington Times. October 14, 2004.

Republicans Take Their Shot at Tobacco Jackpot Justice

By Robert A. Levy. October 13, 2004.

Voters, Don’t Accept Schoolyard Bribes

By Neal McCluskey. The Baltimore Sun. October 12, 2004.

The Reimportation Blues

By Roger Pilon. The Wall Street Journal. October 11, 2004.

Bowling with the Truth

By Olaf Gersemann. October 11, 2004.

Putting Pakistan on the Campaign Agenda

By Christopher A. Preble and Subodh Atal. Chicago Sun-Times. October 11, 2004.

Military Mischief

By Doug Bandow. Washington Times. October 10, 2004.

Lou Dobbs: The Dan Rather of Financial Journalism

By Daniel Griswold. October 8, 2004.

Is Wal-Mart Good for America?

By Brink Lindsey. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). October 7, 2004.

VAT Caveats

By Chris Edwards. National Review (Online). October 7, 2004.

To Expand Health Coverage, Deregulate Health Care

By Christopher J. Conover. Investor’s Business Daily. October 7, 2004.

Debunking the Latest Hurricane Hype

By Patrick J. Michaels. Fox News (Online). October 7, 2004.

X-Prize Proves the Power of Entrepreneurship

By Edward L. Hudgins. October 7, 2004.

Bring Back the Gov’s Idea - Term Limits

By Patrick Basham. Daily News. October 5, 2004.

The Fearful Economy

By Steve H. Hanke. Forbes. October 4, 2004.

Addictive Allotments

By Doug Bandow. October 4, 2004.

Future of Federalism Is in Voters’ Hands

By Robert A. Levy. National Law Journal. October 4, 2004.

Still the City Upon a Hill

By Olaf Gersemann. October 4, 2004.

Full Serve, No Choice

By Thomas A. Firey and Bart J. Wilson. The New York Times. October 3, 2004.

Taxpayers Suffer from Exaggerated Death of Affordable U.

By Neal McCluskey. October 2, 2004.

Let the Courts Resolve the D.C. Gun Ban

By Robert A. Levy. National Review (Online). October 1, 2004.