2004: The Good News

By Radley Balko. Fox News (Online). December 30, 2004.

NASCAR Nannies

By Doug Bandow. Cato.org. December 30, 2004.

How Foreign Reserves Could Make China Yet Stronger

By Deepak Lal. Financial Times. December 29, 2004.

Patently Absurd

By Adam D. Thierer. Apple Daily. December 29, 2004.

They Think You’re Stupid

By Alan Reynolds. Cato.org. December 29, 2004.

Miracles Are Unlikely in Bush’s Middle East Gospel

By Charles V. Peña. Daily Star. December 28, 2004.

Two-Faced Advice on Social Security

By Alan Reynolds. Washington Times. December 27, 2004.

Rumsfeld Under Fire

By Christopher A. Preble. Cato.org. December 27, 2004.

Political Discipline, not Just Less Pork

By Will Wilkinson. Philadelphia Inquirer. December 26, 2004.

The Emperor’s Same Old Clothes

By Daniel J. Ikenson. Cato.org. December 23, 2004.

Altruism? Bah, Humbug

By Radley Balko. Apple Daily. December 22, 2004.

Dracula Landlords and Charter Schools

By Neal McCluskey. National Review (Online). December 22, 2004.

A Painful Decision

By Ronald T. Libby. Cato.org. December 21, 2004.

Unexpected Developments for 2004

By Roger Pilon. Legal Times. December 20, 2004.

Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It

By Gene Healy. Reason (Online). December 17, 2004.

The Drug-War Distraction: Feds Have Better Things to Do than Take on the Role of National Vice Squad

By Gene Healy. Cato.org. December 16, 2004.

Punishing Drugmakers for Doing Good

By Doug Bandow. Cato.org. December 16, 2004.

Tort Reform as if Federalism Mattered

By Robert A. Levy. Fox News (Online). December 16, 2004.

Will China Sell the Dollar?

By James A. Dorn. Apple Daily. December 15, 2004.

Social Security’s Tough Transition

By Michael D. Tanner. New York Post. December 14, 2004.

Evolution Sticker Shock

By Will Wilkinson. Reason (Online). December 13, 2004.

Other Opinion: Equal Time: Market-based system would be less costly

By William G. Shipman. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. December 12, 2004.

Fixing Privacy

By Jim Harper. Cato.org. December 11, 2004.

Busybodies on Steroids

By Doug Bandow. American Spectator. December 10, 2004.

Thinking Outside the Black Box

By Jim Harper. American Spectator. December 10, 2004.