Investing’s Rich Fringe Benefits

By Andrew G. Biggs. American Enterprise. July 31, 2002.

Misguided Mission for Military

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U.S. Troops Must Not Be Palace Guards

By Charles V. Peña. Los Angeles Times. July 31, 2002.

Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman

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Mixed Signals on Trade Barriers

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Fueled by Pork

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Public Still Behind Social Security Investment

By Michael D. Tanner. July 30, 2002.

Merit Pay for Pols

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What’s the Right Number?

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Volunteer Voyeurs?

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Overstocked Assumptions

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Blocking Medi-Pot Defense: Case Shows How Far U.S. Will Go to Enforce Bad Policy

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Was Clinton More Conservative Than Bush?

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Milton Friedman at 90

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Private Sector Can Do the Job

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Fighting the Patent Wars

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EU Tax Collection Plan Will Hurt U.S. Economy

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United We Stand, but We’ll Snoop Divided

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Private Giving to Public Schools: Does it Work?

By David F. Salisbury. July 19, 2002.

I Spy

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The Medicare Drug Benefit War

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Strategy to Revive the Stock Market

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Compulsory Entertainment?

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California’s Dreamin’

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Celebrating an Intellectual Dynamo

By George F. Will. July 14, 2002.