Governor Davis In Flames

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. National Review (Online). May 31, 2001.

The Bush-Davis Power Hour

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. May 30, 2001.

America’s Balkan Quagmire

By Doug Bandow. May 30, 2001.

Tax Cut 2001: A Little Bang for a lot of Buck

By Alan Reynolds. The Wall Street Journal. May 30, 2001.

Jeffords’ Green Agenda

By Patrick J. Michaels. May 29, 2001.

Africa and Economics

By Steve H. Hanke. Forbes. May 28, 2001.

Waist Deep and Sinking in the Balkans

By Ted Galen Carpenter. May 25, 2001.

Cut Tax Rates, Cut Government Waste

By Chris Edwards. May 24, 2001.

Not Listed on eBay: Free Speech

By Lucas Mast. May 23, 2001.

Teachers Deserve Merit Pay, Not Special Interest Pay

By Darcy Ann Olsen. May 22, 2001.

Don’t Subsidize My Car

By Patrick J. Michaels. May 21, 2001.

Just Say “No” to the Energy Plan

By Jerry Taylor. National Review (Online). May 19, 2001.

Nuclear Power Play

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. May 18, 2001.

Cut Taxes, But Simplify Them Too

By Chris Edwards. May 17, 2001.

Two Tales Tell Why We Need a Tax Cut

By John Samples. May 16, 2001.

Up from Mediocrity

By Darcy Ann Olsen, Carrie Lips, and Dan Lips. National Review (Online). May 15, 2001.

Sound & Fury at the Pump

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. May 15, 2001.

Unlocking Parent Power

By Sheldon L. Richman. National Review (Online). May 14, 2001.

Tobacco Cartel: Alive and Well

By Robert A. Levy. May 11, 2001.

Fiscal Incontinence

By Stephen Slivinski. New York Post. May 11, 2001.

Put Parents in Control

By Darcy Ann Olsen. USA Today. May 10, 2001.

Europe’s Kyoto Scam

By Patrick J. Michaels. May 10, 2001.

Beware the Cellular Keystone Cops

By Adam D. Thierer. National Review (Online). May 10, 2001.

Bush’s Pledge to Defend Taiwan Goes Too Far

By Ted Galen Carpenter. Bridge News. May 9, 2001.

The Terrible Secret of Campaign Finance Reform

By John Samples. May 8, 2001.