Extend the Internet Tax Moratorium

By Aaron Lukas. Cato.org. May 20, 2000.

Economic Policy Institute Publishes Flawed China Job-Loss Estimates

By Daniel Griswold. Cato.org. May 19, 2000.

“Another risky scheme?” Hardly.

By Andrew G. Biggs. Cato.org. May 18, 2000.

International Silent Treatment

By Doug Bandow. Washington Times. May 18, 2000.

“PNTR Plus” Will Pressure China from Inside and Out

By Deroy Murdock. Cato.org. May 17, 2000.

The IMF’s Disastrous Elixir

By Steve H. Hanke. The Wall Street Journal. May 15, 2000.

A Critical First Step

By Derrick A. Max. National Review (Online). May 15, 2000.

Gun Control: Myths and Realities

By David Lampo. Cato.org. May 13, 2000.

Bold Deal for Social Security

By Stephen Moore. Cato.org. May 12, 2000.

On the March: Clinton, Gore and a Million Moms

By Robert A. Levy. Cato.org. May 11, 2000.

On the March: Clinton, Gore and a Million Moms

By Robert A. Levy. Cato.org. May 11, 2000.

China: Constructive Partner or Emerging Threat?

By Ted Galen Carpenter and James A. Dorn. Cato.org. May 10, 2000.

Just When You Thought Tax Season Was Over

By Solveig Singleton. Cato.org. May 9, 2000.

Trade with China: Business Profits or Human Rights?

By Doug Bandow. Copley News Service. May 5, 2000.

The Department of Education: An Anti-Celebration

By Darcy Ann Olsen. Cato.org. May 4, 2000.

The Environmental Movement: Running Out of Gas

By Jerry Taylor. Cato.org. May 2, 2000.

Reaching for the Wrong Remedy

By Peter J. Ferrara. Washington Times. May 2, 2000.

Dancing on the Third Rail; Bush Bets on Social Security

By Derrick A. Max. National Review (Online). May 2, 2000.

Strangulation by Regulation

By Peter Van Doren. National Review. May 1, 2000.

Scouting the Issue

By Tom G. Palmer. Washington Times. April 30, 2000.

The Best Way to “Save Social Security”

By Michael D. Tanner. Cato.org. April 28, 2000.

Closing the Trust Gap on Education?

By Derrick A. Max. National Review (Online). April 28, 2000.

On the Origins of the Long Boom

By William A. Niskanen. Cato.org. April 27, 2000.

Sprawl for Me, But Not for Thee

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. Cato.org. April 26, 2000.

Clinton Regime Outdoes Itself by Snatching Elian Gonzalez

By Deroy Murdock. Cato.org. April 24, 2000.