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Al Gore’s Social Security Confusion

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FAIR Ads Unfairly Blame Immigrants for Urban Sprawl, Traffic Jams

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Manufacturing a Pharmaceutical Crisis

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Bush’s Energy Babble

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‘Soft Money’ Aids Democracy

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An October Environmental Surprise?

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Drain the strategic petroleum reserve

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Fire the World Bank: Those Protesters Were Right

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Yugoslavia’s Moment of Truth

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Bill Clinton: There He Goes Again

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State-Owned Enterprises Continue to Hinder Chinese Growth

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Social Security Is A Winning Issue

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Gore Distorts Social Security Reform Again

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Senator Hollings Aims at Germany, Hits United States

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No Time for White Flags

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The Confidence Question

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Gore Federalizes Early Childhood:And Bush lets him get away with it.

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Time for Gore to Get Better Economic Advisers?

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Washington’s Appalling Appeasement

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More Money for U.S. Land Acquisition? That’s a Bone-headed Move

By Deroy Murdock. National Review. September 11, 2000.

Junk Science on the Front Page

By Patrick J. Michaels. Cato.org. September 9, 2000.