U.S. Protectionism Stymies Efforts to Expand World Trade

By Deroy Murdock. Cato.org. November 30, 1999.

WTO Bashers Would Slam The Door On The World’s Poor

By Brink Lindsey. Des Moines Register. November 30, 1999.

America’s Victim in Chief

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In Mexico, Too Much Money Still Chases Too Few Goods

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Social Engineering by Legal Brief

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Cause for Trial Bar Celebration

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China’s Coming Battle with Congress

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The Real Kosovo

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Clearing the Air

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Budget Bloat Hides Good News About Spending

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Funding Graft in Russia and Africa

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Tough Pill to Swallow

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America’s Post Office Challenges The Digital Age

By Richard W. Rahn. Bridge News. November 19, 1999.

Government-funded Junk Science?

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Two Sides to China’s WTO Membership

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Washington’s Turkish Blinders

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Tennessee Should Be Cutting Taxes, Not Raising Them

By Stephen Moore. Commercial Appeal. November 14, 1999.

Anti-Dumping Law Is Discriminatory

By Brink Lindsey. American Metal Market. November 12, 1999.

Social Security Sweepstakes

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A Decade of Human Liberation

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How to Fix U.S. Personal Bankruptcy Law

By Michelle J. White. Regulation. November 10, 1999.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Return the Surplus to Those Who Earned It

By Doug Bandow. Washington Times. November 8, 1999.

Why Microsoft Should Have Won

By Robert A. Levy. Washington Times. November 8, 1999.

Merging for Competition

By Peter J. Ferrara. Washington Times. November 8, 1999.