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By Doug Bandow. Investor’s Business Daily. April 30, 1998.

America’s Most Costly Educational Failure

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Warmer earth might be welcome trend

By Thomas Gale Moore. Cato.org. April 28, 1998.

Too Quickly Forgotten: Communism’s Corpses

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Debt And Dependency Are The IMF Legacy

By Doug Bandow. Australian Financial Review. April 23, 1998.

Where’s the News About Cancer Rates?

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Soccer-Mom Hell

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Moynihan’s Social Security Plan Is Less Than It Seems

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Will Congress Nationalize Gambling?

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What to Do with the Emerging Budget Surplus

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America’s Social Security System: The Case for Privatizing

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Supermajority: A Super Idea

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Parasite Economy Latches onto New Host

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How to Expose Hidden Taxation

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An Open Letter to President Clinton

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Bonior Makes Consumers See Red

By Aaron Lukas. Cato.org. April 9, 1998.

Asylum Crackdown Threatens Lives and Ideals

By Michele Pistone. Cato.org. April 8, 1998.

Unless States End Liability Sweepstakes, Lawyers Will Loot Everyone

By Doug Bandow. Los Angeles Daily Journal. April 7, 1998.

Republicans Set to Rubber Stamp $18-Billion IMF Bailout

By Stephen Moore. Cato.org. April 6, 1998.

No to NATO Expansion: Good Arguments Fall on Deaf Ears

By Ivan Eland. Cato.org. April 3, 1998.

What To Expect From IMF? Look At Mexico

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The True Costs of the IMF

By Ian Vásquez. Washington Times. April 1, 1998.

Haunted Housing Policy

By Stephen Moore. Washington Times. March 31, 1998.

Let High-Tech Workers In!

By Daniel Griswold. Journal of Commerce. March 30, 1998.

Missile Defenses and East Asian Security

By Ted Galen Carpenter. Los Angeles Times. March 28, 1998.