The Pickpocket State vs. Tobacco

By Jerry Taylor. September 30, 1996.

Social Security Privatization And Economic Growth

By Michael D. Tanner. September 27, 1996.

Strong “Defense” Wins in Corporate Welfare Battles

By Dean Stansel. September 26, 1996.

Analysis Run Amok

By Michael Gough and Sanford L. Weiner. Chicago Tribune. September 24, 1996.

A Hard Lesson About Socialized Medicine

By Michael D. Tanner. September 23, 1996.

Victims’ Rights Amendment is All Wrong

By David B. Kopel and Elisabeth Semel. September 20, 1996.

Pardon Would Halt Persecution

By Tim Lynch. September 18, 1996.

No Welfare Reform For The District

By Naomi Lopez and Michael D. Tanner. September 16, 1996.

Ending Tax Socialism

By James A. Dorn. September 13, 1996.

U.S. “Leadership” and the Shattered Gulf Coalition

By Ted Galen Carpenter. September 12, 1996.

The U.S. Government’s Encryption Policy Dodge

By Solveig Bernstein. September 11, 1996.

Opting Out of Government Failure

By David Boaz. Washington Post. September 10, 1996.

Dole’s Tax Cut/Balanced Budget: The Numbers Can Add Up

By Stephen Moore. September 9, 1996.

Back to Clintoncare?

By Michael D. Tanner. September 6, 1996.

The Therapeutic Presidency

By Ted Galen Carpenter. September 5, 1996.

Washington’s Deepening Persian Gulf Morass

By Barbara Conry. September 4, 1996.

Term Limits and The Great Con-Con Hoax

By Roger Pilon. September 2, 1996.