A Key to Cato Policy Report’s 40th Anniversary Cover

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The cover of Cato’s 40th anniversary edition of Cato Policy Report features a collage of photos from Cato’s history. A version of this image was put on display in Cato’s lobby to celebrate the Institute’s 40th anniversary. The following guide identifies pictures in the collage, all of which were taken from Cato events over the last four decades:

1. Milton Friedman 2. Mario Vargas Llosa 3. Peter Goettler 4. Scott Pruitt 5. Hernando de Soto 6. David Boaz and F. A. Hayek 7. Rep. Justin Amash 8. The New York Times covers Cato’s 10th anniversary 9. Clarence Thomas 10. John Allison 11. Earl Ravenal and Thomas Sowell 12. F. A. Hayek 13. Francis Fukuyama 14. Sen. Ron Wyden 15. Ben Bernanke 16. James C. Miller, William Niskanen, and James M. Buchanan 17. Yon Goicoechea 18. Phil Gramm 19. James M. Buchanan speaks at Cato’s 10th anniversary. 20. Scott Cook 21. Mary Anastasia O’Grady 22. Peter Goettler and Robert Levy 23. José Piñera gives copies of his pamphlets on Social Security privatization to Vladimir Putin. 24. Sen. Tim Kaine 25. Pete du Pont 26. Randy Barnett 27. Sen. Jeff Flake 28. Glenn Greenwald 29. The Washington Post covers Cato’s new building. 30. William Rehnquist 31. Mart Laar 32. P.J. O’Rourke 33. Michael Kinsley, Melvyn Krauss, Richard Burt, and Earl Ravenal 34. Flemming Rose 35. Cathy Young, Gavriil Popov, and William Niskanen 36. Jimmy Wales 37. Vernon Smith 38. Steve Forbes 39. Diane Sykes 40. Angus Deaton 41. Akbar Ganji and his wife Massoumeh Shafii 42. Clint Bolick 43. Cato panel in Russia, 1990 44. Mao Yushi 45. Alan Greenspan 46. William Niskanen and Ed Crane 47. Tim Pawlenty 48. Charles Murray 49. Nadine Strossen 50. George Soros 51. Yon Goicoechea 52. F. A. Hayek and Ed Crane 53. Cato’s 1988 conference “Economic Reform in China: Problems and Prospects. 54. Nat Hentoff 55. Milton Friedman 56. Ralph Nader 57. Bill Gates 58. Richard Epstein 59. Ed Crane, Milton Friedman, and Jim Dorn 60. Alan Greenspan and William Niskanen 61. Walter Williams 62. Peter Bauer 63. Pat Leahy 64. Anwar Ibrahim and David Boaz 65. A Russian newspaper covers Cato’s conference in Moscow 66. Alan Greenspan, James C. Miller, and Ed Crane 67. George F. Will 68. Penn Jillette 69. Eric Schmidt 70. Kurt Russell 71. Cato celebrates the grand opening of its new building 72. Gov. Douglas Wilder and Stephen Moore 73. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 74. Leszek Balcerowicz 75. Charles Murray 76. George Ayittey 77. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 78. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) 79. Milton Friedman 80. José Piñera and Charles Murray 81. Vicente Fox 82. Newsweek, 1986 83. Karl Brunner, Jim Dorn, Anna J. Schwartz and Milton Friedman 84. John Stossel 85. Robert Mundell