Aaron Ross Powell

Director and Editor of Libertarianism.org

Aaron Ross Powell is the director and editor of Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org, a project of the Cato Institute. Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org is a source for the ideas and history providing the foundation for libertarian public policy and features introductory material as well as new scholarship related to libertarian philosophy, theory, and history.

The site is also the home of the Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org Guides, free online, self‐​paced courses that include lectures and books from influential libertarian scholars. Powell is also the cohost of Free Thoughts, a weekly podcast on libertarianism and the ideas that influence it. Powell’s research focuses on political philosophy and the moral case for liberty.

He earned a BA in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado and a JD from the University of Denver.

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