Staying out of Potential Nuclear Crossfires

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Declaring an Armistice in the International Drug War

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Setting a Dangerous Precedent in Somalia

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Foreign Policy Masochism: The Campaign for U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia

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The Case for U.S. Strategic Independence

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The U.S. Military Presence in the Philippines: Expensive and Unnecessary

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Time for Congress to Vote on the Issue of War in the Gulf

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Arabian Nightmares: Washington’s Persian Gulf Entanglement

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Perilous Panacea: The Military in the Drug War

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A Fortress Built on Quicksand: U.S. Policy Toward Pakistan

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U.S. Aid to Anti-Communist Rebels: The “Reagan Doctrine” and Its Pitfalls

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Global Interventionism and a New Imperial Presidency

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Pursuing a Strategic Divorce: The U.S. and the Anzus Alliance

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The U.S. Campaign Against International Narcotics Trafficking: A Cure Worse than the Disease

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The United States and Third World Dictatorships: A Case for Benign Detachment

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