EPA’s Shaky “Endangerment Finding”

March 7, 2013

The basis for EPA’s increasingly expensive regulation of greenhouse gases is their “Finding of Endangerment” from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. With regard to the climate of the United States, it is largely based on one document, called “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,”, published by the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

Patrick J. Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, recently completed a landmark document in precisely the same format as the important USGCRP one, except it includes the vast volume of the scientific literature that the USGCRP somehow neglected to include in their work. Michaels will provide a very informative and entertaining examination of the outright misinformation, disinformation, and ignored information that permeates the document that serves as the basis for EPA’s ever-tightening regulatory approach to atmospheric greenhouse gases.

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