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Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America

A little over a year ago, the Supreme Court lit a firestorm across America when it upheld the decision of the City of New London, Connecticut, to transfer Susette Kelo’s home to another owner who could make “better” use of it. With that, Americans finally came to realize the present perilous state of their property rights — and many state legislatures have responded. But others argue that the Court got it right, that the judiciary, except in extreme cases, should leave the political choice of whether to exercise eminent domain to our elected representatives, and that the state legislatures have so far basically gotten it right by charting different courses for different state circumstances. Please join us as Timothy Sandefur, one of a growing number of young attorneys defending owners today, discusses his new book on the problem, with comments by John Echeverria, who will offer a very different perspective on the issue.