Assessing the Iran Nuclear Agreement

August 19, 2015

On July 14, international negotiators in the “P5+1” group reached a historic deal with Iran—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—that, in exchange for eventually lifting oil and financial sanctions, will place limits over the next 15 years on Iran’s nuclear activities and fuel stockpile.  President Obama has assured the American people that, under the deal, “Iran will not be able to achieve a nuclear weapon.”  Opponents of the deal criticize the Obama administration for the lack of “anytime, anywhere” inspections of Iranian facilities and for being naïve about the true intentions of the regime in Tehran.

Justin Logan, director of foreign policy studies, will join us to discuss the deal and address these concerns. Logan has argued that in nonproliferation terms the deal is strong, but that critics have assessed the deal on terms other than nonproliferation. How likely is the deal to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon? Will the agreement forestall the risk of another costly U.S. war in the Middle East? And how does the broader international community view the accord?  Justin looks forward to addressing these questions and taking yours as well.

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