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40th Anniversary Sponsor e‐​Briefing Series: a Discussion with CEO Peter Goettler

This is an exclusive opportunity for Cato Sponsors to interact with Peter and discuss topics of interest—from policy research to the organization’s operations to Peter’s own involvement with Cato and the broader liberty movement. He looks forward to taking your questions and engaging in a thought‐​provoking discussion.

The 40th Anniversary e‐​Briefing Series offers Cato Sponsors a special online‐​only opportunity to directly engage with Cato’s leadership and scholars as the Institute commemorates this milestone while also examining the future of liberty.

Forty years ago, the Cato Institute opened its doors as a new public policy research organization dedicated to liberty. Today, through our independent, nonpartisan research, worldwide events, vast online resources, and media outreach, Cato engages millions on the timeless principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. Cato’s success is a testament to our Sponsors’ commitment to the Institute and our work. Thank you for your continued support.