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Live Free and Learn: Scholarship Tax Credits in New Hampshire

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Date and Time
January 26, 2015 9 - 10 PM EST
Live Online
Featuring Jim Forsythe, Former New Hampshire State Senator; Dick Komer, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice; Jason Bedrick, policy analyst, Cato Institute (@JasonBedrick); Moderated by Caleb O. Brown, Director of Multimedia, Cato Institute (@cobrown).

Live Free ans Learn
In 2012, the Live Free or Die state launched a bold initiative to advance educational freedom: scholarship tax credits. The New Hampshire Opportunity Scholarship Act grants tax credits to businesses worth 85 percent of their contributions to nonprofit scholarship organizations that fund low‐ and middle‐​income students to attend private or home schools. The scholarship law then faced both a repeal effort in the legislature and a bitter lawsuit that went to the state’s highest court. Join us as we present Live Free and Learn: Scholarship Tax Credits in New Hampshire, a short film detailing the struggle over New Hampshire’s scholarship law and some of the families it has touched. After the film, please join us live online and on Twitter at #CatoConnects for a discussion on the politics, policy, and constitutionality of scholarship tax credit laws.